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This is fantastic! Space saving furniture that is actually design.


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Many believe that FENG SHUI can bring the good energy to your home. I am one of them!

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a Video from Home Depot with tips for the house.

a video from Kates Paperie with gift wrapping tips (not so useful, but a lot of fun!)

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To arrange your books by colors is the perfect solution for a decoration magazine picture! But it’s hardly the most practical or functional solution for your home, if you are looking to be organized.

What you should do at home is separate your books by categories, genres or subjects. After that you can arrange them the way you want, even by colors. Display you cook books in a kitchen shelf and your language books and dictionaries in the study room. Or, if you do have a library or reading room, just separate the categories into different shelves.

Labels are always a great idea as well: fiction, biographies, classics, gardening… you name it!

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– If the kids get a new toy, donate an old one;

– Keep only the amount of toys that can fit in the containers;

– Rotate the containers (keep one in the room and another in the storage), they will believe they are getting new toys every time;

– If the kids can’t read, label the containers with a picture.

Ps. Sorry about the quality of the video. I couldn’t fix the problem when uploading it…

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This post has nothing to do with organizing your bedroom or your office; it’s more of an interior clean up. I’m not a food paranoid person, sometimes I eat healthy and other times not so much, but I was really chocked when I watched this documentary and learned about the food production system in the US. There is a monopoly and we have no idea what’s going on.

If we are what we eat, what is it that we are really consuming? The video is available on Netflix, if you are looking for a change of habits this can be a great jump-start.

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Let’s try to keep those pretty shoes organized, well stored and clean? They will last longer and you will have that great feeling of wearing a new pair of shoes every time.

Find some tips at this video and check out alternative storage solutions at the end of the post.

BTW, don’t forget to get rid of damaged shoes or of those that you don’t wear anymore. Make a friend happy by giving her those pretty heels that you’ve never wore and much probably never will!

Do you have any other storage solution to share with us?

1) Clear shoe boxes

2) 15-cube shoe organizer

3) Under the bed

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