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Planning a party can be an exciting, but also very stressful activity. If you are not an organized person or don’t mind the details, I advise you to give it up and hire professional help. Actually, depending on the amount of guests, you can be 100% hands on or you can have as little work as making the guest list, it’s up to you.

I’ve just came back from Brazil where I threw an engagement brunch for 60 guests. Here’s how it happened:

1- FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Since it was around Christmas time, it was impossible to find time to prep, cook and bake for so many people. So, a local catering company was hired to bring the food for the buffet table, sweets for the desert table and all non-alcoholic beverages.

2- PROSECCO: I bought four cases at a local liquor store and left a couple of extra cases in stand by in case of need (one more was needed so I had a friend to pick it up for me). Whiskey was also available but since it was too hot outside, guests preferred the sparkling wine.

3- MUSIC: A local duo was hired to play background music since it was not a party with a dance floor.

4- FLOWERS: Since I wanted fuchsia color flowers, and I know how hard (or expensive) it is to find these flowers at this time of year, I bought artificial flowers that worked even better. Look online for better deals and get only the ones that look real. Everybody was asking where I got such gorgeous flowers. And of course, they are now stored for the next opportunity.

5- IDENTITY: Every event needs an identity. It can be a theme, a color palette, a number… anything. This party was pink and brown and had some “romance” in the air. Since I’m a DIY person, I designed the invitation, the labels for the favors and the food, sewed the felt garlands, packaged the favors and set up the venue according to a decoration plan.

6- FAVORS: Fans to escape from the hot weather, handmade sachet, lollypop for the kids and the LUP (since the groom sells iPhone accessories online).


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Halloween Bottle Labels

Halloween Cup Labels

Halloween Placecards

These are from organize.com, but I’m sure you can DO IT YOURSELF!

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I’ve got some great news today! My new shop at Etsy.com has just opened and I have some cute stuff there for decoration, party favors or gifts.

Pay me a visit and take a look at the products.  Everything is handmade with lots of love. New products are going to be made by next month, so feel free to give me suggestions of cute things I could make.

And come back here by the end of this week. I’ll be giving away a gift from the shop to one of you.

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This Sunday we are celebrating Father’s Day in the US, and for those of you who have kids running around in the house, these are the cutest DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day! Let the children be creative, it’s not about spending money, it’s all about putting love into it!

My father is in Brazil. Just like the other daddies down there, he’ll have to wait until August for us to celebrate together. Anyways, Happy Father’s Day! To all of you!

tips and photos From marthastewart.com

1)  Father’s Day Car-Wash Kit

Instead of the old standbys, give Dad something he can really use: elbow grease.

2) Father’s Day Coupons

Give Dad a coupon booklet filled with unbelievable deals: 100 percent off a lawn mowing, car washing, delicious breakfast, and more.

3)  Photo bookmaks

Fathers who read a lot will give this bookmark gift great reviews.

4)  Retro Father’s Day Clip-art Labels

Turn Dad’s favorite foods into a custom gift for Father’s Day by using clip-art design

5) Father’s Day Barbecue Sauce

This delicious barbecue sauce infuses any grilled meat with a singular spicy flavor, making it a perfect Father’s Day gift for the grilling enthusiast.

6) Father’s Day Notepad

Let kids redo this basic office staple as a gift for Dad — their messages will last well beyond Father’s Day.

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Back in Brazil I was helping the planning of a 6-year-old birthday party. It was a costume party, with no specific theme. We decided to theme it as carnival, without masks or cliché decoration, just using stripes representing serpentine and dots representing confetti. And of course, lots and lots of colors!

I designed the party favors: customized CDs with the best Brazilian carnival songs, inserted in a cute fabric case with the message: I hope the Party continues at your place! And bubble gum machines, very cute as well, purchased here in NYC and very original in Brazil.

The birthday girl’s mom worked very hard and the party was a hit among the little ones!

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