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We still have a couple of months before the heat is over and I thought it was a good idea to give some tips on how to pack light for your next summer trip. One carry on piece is probably more than enough and it will save you money, time and avoid headaches caused by lost luggage.

Remember that less is more when packing, especially if you are flying and/or going to several destinations . As long as you have a credit card for emergencies, you hardly will find your self in need of something you didn’t pack.

Take a look at my tips:

And here is what else you can do:

1-      Check out the Universal Packing List, and see what is necessary for your trip;

2-      Always bring a little bag that makes a big tote. You might need it for extra shopping, dirty laundry or other emergencies;

From The Container Store

3-      Pack two pairs of shoes and a pair of flip-flops. One pair of comfortable walking shoes and another that you can use in a special occasion. If you must bring boots, wear them when traveling;

4-      Same goes with heavy jackets. Always wear the bulkiest item, they weight your luggage but not you :);

5-    If you wear eye glasses, make sure to pack a spare pair in case you break or lose it;

6-    “There’s no question: overpacking tops the list of biggest travel mistakes”. Check out detailed tips and learn how to lighten your load in this great website.


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  • Declutter as much as possible as you pack.
  • Pack a box of stuff you’ll need right away. Things like lightbulbs, garbage bags, paper towels, or go to walmart as soon as you get there and buy that kind of stuff BEFORE you unpack.
  • Get a special present or two for the kids, wrap and place on their bed after you set it up (do that quick in case they want to nap ). Then they have a new toy or two ( inexpensive or a new video ) to occupy themselves with while you unpack.


  • As you unpack, declutter still more as you see what won’t work in your new home.
  • Go for simple when decorating, setting up- it’ll be easier to keep up with later
  • Eat out the first day or two after moving or at least have frozen pizza, pot pies, sub sandwiches,etc. No reason to have cleanup mess. Use paper plates till all set up.
  • Set up kids rooms first then kitchen that way the kids have their familiar belongings out and they can occupy themselves some while you work. Kitchen of course so you can cook, clean, etc.
  • Recycle boxes if possible, if they are good and strong and will work for another move you might put an ad in the paper ( if the classifieds are inexpensive there) and say they are free to anyone willing to haul them off.

from organizetips.com

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