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Now that we are going to Brazil, you can imagine what a hassle we’ve been trough trying to organize the move.

We’ve got a lot of stuff (furniture, clothes, appliances) “New York style” that won’t fit too well in Brazil. So it’s time to donate, give away to friends or swap!

There’s nothing more fun than clean your closets, grab your friends and trade your stuff at a party where everybody leaves happy and nobody spends a dime.

Here’s how it works:

1) Invite a few friends and ask them to bring items to swap;

2) Bring also some food and drinks!

3) Lay out the loot allowing some space and time for each person to browse;

4) Everything should be clean and in good condition;

5) Tag each item with price and description of the product;

6) Take turns choosing one new item for each item that you brought;

7) Box and donate leftovers to charity at the end of the party.


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A few days ago I heard about this company and found it very helpful. The Junkluggers provide services of picking up and removing your unwanted junk: furniture, appliances, construction material, yard debris and anything else.

If you have too much stuff to get rid of and you don’t know where to dispose it, they can help you figure out. If it doesn’t feel right disposing the old couch in the sidewalk, the Junkluggers can pick it up and take it to a specific donation or recycling center. You are going to pay for the service, so it will be a good deal if you had several items at once. They will not throw it out in a dump, they will divide your stuff into donating, recycling and junk. All items that are donated are provided with tax-deductible receipts.

I hear people complaining all the time about how they have something to donate and just needed it to be picked up. If you cannot (or do not want to) pay for the services, try to get your neighbors together and share the bill. I’m sure everyone in the neighborhood has something they want to get rid of.

Ps. this is not a sponsored link and I’ve never had any experiences with them. I just wanted to share the information with you!

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  • Declutter as much as possible as you pack.
  • Pack a box of stuff you’ll need right away. Things like lightbulbs, garbage bags, paper towels, or go to walmart as soon as you get there and buy that kind of stuff BEFORE you unpack.
  • Get a special present or two for the kids, wrap and place on their bed after you set it up (do that quick in case they want to nap ). Then they have a new toy or two ( inexpensive or a new video ) to occupy themselves with while you unpack.


  • As you unpack, declutter still more as you see what won’t work in your new home.
  • Go for simple when decorating, setting up- it’ll be easier to keep up with later
  • Eat out the first day or two after moving or at least have frozen pizza, pot pies, sub sandwiches,etc. No reason to have cleanup mess. Use paper plates till all set up.
  • Set up kids rooms first then kitchen that way the kids have their familiar belongings out and they can occupy themselves some while you work. Kitchen of course so you can cook, clean, etc.
  • Recycle boxes if possible, if they are good and strong and will work for another move you might put an ad in the paper ( if the classifieds are inexpensive there) and say they are free to anyone willing to haul them off.

from organizetips.com

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