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For our last post on the series “Wedding planning”, I invited the ladies from Ateliê Ordenar, Brazilian professional organizers, to share some precious tips with those who are almost there, standing at the altar, or those who are newly weds. It’s seems like “mission impossible” to make it easier when they are flooded with are so many new tasks and questions…

But it’s worth trying, so here you can find some tips on gift registry and home organizing:

Tip # 01 – A wedding needs a long and detailed planning. From the reception, F&B, guests list, honeymoon, and more, sometimes we forget about the gift registry. When registering, start with the gifts that you’ll really need in your new home. Register in at least two different stores / websites and give your guest options from large price range. Take your time when registering to avoid having to return gifts or getting something that doesn’t really fit your needs or decoration.

Tip # 02 – For those really close to you, like parents or close relatives, ask for the gifts after the wedding. By then you’ll make sure you ask for something you haven’t got yet and if you don’t need anything else, how about some cash to splurge on the Honeymoon?

Tip # 03 – If you have to exchange gifts, do it ASAP. You don’t want to run the risk of being stuck with five waffle makers.

Tip # 04 – Get used to an organized house as soon as you move in. Organization is not the same as neatness; you must have a system (and not only store everything you find loose on the floor in a big container). Everything is the house must have its right place and everyone should be responsible for putting it back after using it.

Tip # 05 – Design your new closets according to husband and wife’s life style. Do you need a lot of space for shoes and accessories? Or, how about a big closet in the entrance for coats? Plan it in advance in order to avoid ending up with and overload and cluttered closet.


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• Jot down ideas on scrap paper before writing your thank you message. This will save you from making mistakes on your costly and finite amount of note cards.

• Use a large container to create a ‘home’ for all of your thank you note writing materials (gift list, stamps, note cards, pens, etc.). This container creates a place to safely store your writing products and makes your ‘writing center’ easily transportable to any writing surface.

•  Pace yourself! Write 3-5 thank you’s a day. Take a day or two off during the week from writing—you’ll be refreshed from the break and less likely to feel burned out.

• Work together. Although the thank you note writing task often falls to the bride, there’s no reason why the groom can’t be a part of the process. He’s enjoying those gifts, too! Writing thank you notes together is a great way to reminisce about your wedding and complete the task twice as fast.

Tips from Professional Organizer and writer of the book “7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note.”, Stacey Murray


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I invited Kristen J. from the blog Wedding (Version 2.0) to be our second guest blogger and exchange some ideas about decorating a Wedding party. Kristen’s been married for a few years now, but she’s planning the wedding ceremony she never had in the form of a vow renewal.

I simply loved her post about not using flowers to decorate her wedding. It’s her wish and nothing is more appropriate in a wedding than doing what you feel like doing.  Here it is, in her own words:

“A flowerless wedding…  Can it be done?  Should it be done?

In our case, the answer is most definitely… yes!  I have never been the type of girl who gushed over the idea of being sent roses.  Instead, I would feel bad that flowers had to die just so I could look at them inside my house.  Send me a potted plant that I can help to grow and enjoy for years and I’m yours!  So, the thought of killing tons of flowers just for a wedding ceremony and reception really rubs me the wrong way, at least when it comes to my own wedding.

The theme of our wedding is the Adirondack woods, so we are going to try to keep the decor natural, without having to kill any plants.  Our centerpieces are going to be living terrariums that people can take home with them, which will hopefully continue to live and grow for a long time.  We are also intending to use pine cones and leaves in some way on the guest tables at the reception.

At first I tossed around the idea of possibly having a flower bouquet to carry down the aisle, but I was never really sold on the idea.  Part of me felt like it was wrong for me not to carry one, but the other part of me rebelled against the idea of doing something just because everyone else does it, and the proverbial “they” say that I have to.  In addition, flowers are expensive!  Holy cow!  Still, I didn’t know what else to do, and I thought it would be weird to walk down the aisle empty handed.  Where would I put my hands?

Eventually, after looking around on the internet for who knows how long, I fell back to my old friend etsy and stumbled across something that is perfect for me:

It’s called a Rustic Firefly Lantern and is made by April Hiler Designs.  This completely fits our wedding theme, is really cute, and nothing needed to die in order for it to be made!  Better yet, it won’t wilt a few hours after the wedding, and I’m sure I can find another use for it!  Inside the basket is preserved sheet moss, dried grapevine, and faux fern fronds, along with a little string of LED lights.

Etsy is absolutely full of great items that could be used for a wedding instead of flowers!

It may not be customary or commonplace, but it wouldn’t really be our wedding if we did things like everyone else, now would it!”

And how would you like the idea of fruit centerpieces?

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Yeah, yeah, it’s that time of the year again! Time to put away sandals, bright dresses and shorts and to bring back coats, hats and boots. I admit that I don’t like Winter at all, but I can’t deny that the fashion styles on the windows and magazines (and of course, the streets of NYC) are as elegant as it can be.

To help keep us fashionable during the coldest (and “most chic”) season, I invited the Image Consultant and Personal Shopper, Maria Silvia Scigliano to give us some tips on how to update our winter wardrobe.

Here’s what she said:

– So, let’s start by cleaning the wardrobe and separating your clothes in 3 piles. Your accessories should also be sorted:

YES: clothes that you really love and wear a lot;
NO: things that your haven’t used for the past year or two;
MAYBE: pieces that you are not sure. Try to think about some alterations, or buy new pieces to match them, creating new looks. If not, move them to the NO pile.

Don’t be afraid to donate your clothes! If they are in good quality, look for a Vintage store in your neighborhood or in the internet.

Now, try to draw some conclusions from this process, why do you wear this more than that?… is it the color, the style, the fabric?? (Image Consultants can help you a lot with these questions). So next time you go shopping, have that on mind!

– Invest on good quality, warm and practical coats. Neutral colors, like black, gray, brown or beige are traditional hues for winter;
– Have also 3 nice leather boots and warm socks;
– At least 2 sets of hat, scarf and gloves, which don’t need to match, but should have a link between them. Depending on your personal style you can add here some trend, fun and your favorite color, specially on the scarves which will reflect beautifully your face features.
– Underneath your heavy coat you can wear pretty much anything but avoid clothes that are too warm, like cashmere sweaters and wool pants, once most indoor places have heaters.
– If your questions are about matching colors, think about joining warm, or cold tones together. For example, combine brown and orange, or blue and pink.

Important note: even living in a “fast fashion” country, I suggest that you don’t think fast in fashion, try to think long lasting pieces. It will be worth for your financials and much better for the planet too, trust me! Thinking “green” has never been so cool!!

If you want to learn more about Silvia’s services and get personal tips from an Image Consultant, just leave us a comment and it will be forwarded to her.

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