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I’m setting myself a new challenge to giveaway 50 things before the start of the brand new 2011! I’m not talking about brand new gifts, but things that I own and don’t use anymore.

I’ve started the clean up this past week, and that’s what’s been gone so far:

– 3 sweaters;
– 2 Spring dresses (too girly for me, I think I’ve changed my style…);
– 1 pair of sneakers;
– 1 pair of ballet flats;
– 1 Book (that I read last month for my book club);
– 3 felt items from my Miscolores shop (these I gave away in other friends’ blogs);
– 1 treatment conditioner for the hair (it might be good in someone else’s);
– 2 tote bags (one from Martha Stewart and another that I bought in Peru);
– A pig pile of fabrics;
– 1 foldable laundry cart (I gave to the drycleaner downstairs);
– 2 notebooks;

I’ve still have a long way to go, but that won’t be so hard. Do you want to try the challenge yourself? C’mon it will be fun! You’ve still got enough time to make someone else happy!


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Hi guys!

I am so excited about my new shop at Etsy.com that I’m giving away a beautiful purple flower brooch. It’s the first giveaway at the blog, but many more are yet to come.

I am happy to ship internationally, so anyone can enter. In order to enter, please state in the blog comment area what kind of product you mostly like to buy online. The winner will be randomly selected.

Leave a comment before Monday, August 2nd, and make sure to come back to see if you got picked.

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